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Company Personnel

Hunting and Poisoning operations

The principal of the company has worked in wild animal control since the early 1970’s, having previously been employed by the New Zealand Forest Service as a deer culler, then the Department of Conservation and has been involved in the wild animal control /pest management business for more than 35 years. Garry has extensive expertise in wild animal control including venison recovery and live deer capture, possum trapping, skin and fur recovery.


All our staff has come from a hunting background, either recreational hunting, ex NZ Forest Service, Department of Conservation, or having worked on commercial meat recovery, this including all types of feral animals ranging from cattle, seven species of deer, pigs, chamois, wallaby and thar within N Z.


Our staff are knowledgeable operators and have previous experience with performance based pest control contracts with Animal Health Board, Regional Councils, Department of Conservation and Forestry Companies.


Our hunters have been actively involved in initial, maintenance and eradiation programmes for habitat restoration and ecological enhancement.


All staff are competent in data collection using GPS’s for kill locations and area tracked. Data can be transferred into electronic format using Topomap Pro 2 and e-mailed if required.


Hunting and Poisoning operations


All hunters have passed wildlife welfare, marksmanship, rifle safety courses and hold a current First Aid certificate.


The company has four to six professional expert trackers/hunters available for the wild animal control contracts using indicating /bailer dogs. 


All dogs have successfully completed the Kiwi Aversion course and basis dog obedience courses.