Rat / Rodent Poisoning

Rodent / Rat Operations


WACNZ (2007) LTD is in partnership with TRANSPORT & MARINE LTD who operates the MV BALDUR. This 42m vessel can carry up to 170 tonnes of Pestoff R20 Rat Bait and three helicopters.


The company also has access for lease, two Multi Purpose Vessels (MPV), which are both 48m in length and have a large 20m x 10m flat clear deck and can accommodate 18 to 20 crew and staff.


Both the Baldur and MPV's are "a go anywhere" medium sized vessel that can carry operational staff, helicopters and bait to any location worldwide and WACNZ (2007) LTD are able to organise the entire operation from factory floor to forest floor if required.


MV Baldur

  • Ice breaker class (ex North Atlantic cod boat)
  • Has experienced crew of up to 10
  • Sleeps 16 (able to cater for 6 passengers i.e. pilots and ground staff)
  • Extendable Hi-ab able to lift 5tonnes at 5 metres (cargo wharf to hold / hold to deck) and 2 tonne at 10 metres (deck to heli pad)
  • Able to fly bait directly from boat to sowing area (no double handling or off loading to land based sites)
  • Able to relocate, this minimizes ferry time for helicopters if required
  • Flight deck over rear that sits one helicopter onRat / Rodent Poisoning
  • Able to carry three helicopters on deck (no rotors attached if more than 2 rotor machines)
  • Able to carry 150 tonnes of bait either in 25kg bags or 500kg bags
  • Able to utilize 6-8 ship's crew as loaders, (opening bags and filling spreader buckets or transferring bait from 25kg bags to 500kg bag) for either boat or land based operations
  • Able to carry helicopter fuel and spreader buckets separate from bait
  • Able to travel worldwide
  • Fuel burn is 5000 lts per day steamed for an average speed of 9.0 kts per hour in fair weather
  • Fuel capacity of 140,000 lts giving a maximum steaming range of 29 days or 6200 nm
  • Fresh water capacity of 30,800 lts
  • Has reasonable stand down rates (When weather is not suitable for flying or in-between bait drops)



Port of Registry: Wellington NEW ZEALAND
Radio Call Sign: ZMBD
MSA Number: 105432
Inmarsat C Number: 512100528
MMSI Number: 512000097
Length LOA: 41.67m
Length BP: 37.75m
Beam: 9.20m
Draft: 4.52m
Maximum Displacement: 862 t
Lightships Tonnage: 514 t
Maximum Deadweight: 348 t (cargo, fuel and water)
Gross Tonnage: 489 t
Nett Tonnage: 146 t
Motive Power: Wichmann
Engine Power kW: 1325
Fit to Ply As: To Limits:
Livestock Carrier: N Z Offshore Limits and Worldwide
Non Passenger Cargo Vessel:  


Owner: Transport & Marine Ltd
Principle: Dennis Nisbet



There are 2 MPV's available:


Type 48 m MPV 2004 48 m MPV 2002
Classification ABS A1+AMS ABS A1+AMS

Main Dimensions

Length O.A 48.00M 48.00M
Beam 11.00M 11.00M
Depth 3.50M 3.50M
Draft 2.80M 2.80M
GRT/NRT 496/148 490/147

Tank & Loading Cap (Approx)

Long range fuel 433m3 250m3
FW Holding 42m3 200m3
Deck Area 320m2 320m2
Dead weight 593.16 Tonnes 579 Tonnes


Generator 2x 150kw 415/3/50hz 2x 95kw 415/3/50hz
Bow Thruster 3.8MT tunnel jet 3mt tunnel jet
Controls Aft & Fwd Aft & Fwd
Water Maker 1x 5m3 / Day Nil
Crane SWL 2T@ 6mtrs Nil
Reefer Points x6 x6
Capstan 2x 5mt 1x 5Mt
Tugger Winch Nil 1x 5mt

Accommodation Fully Air Conditioned

  20 including crew 18 including crew


Speed 11knts lightship 10knts @ 85%
    11knts lightship 10knts @ 85%
Power 2x720BHP @1800rpm 2x720BHP @1800rpm
Rat / Rodent Poisoning

Main Engine
2xCat 3412 c/w Twin Disc MG522
12xCat 3412 c/w Twin Disc MG522

Safety Equipment
All in compliance with Class requirements and / requirement of flag administration
- LSA for 20


Both vessels have clear decks of about 20m x 10m so will fit 4x 20ft containers and still have 14m x 10m clear, this can be used to transport helicopters inside containers/hangers.